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发布日期: 2016-09-21

  Intelligent robots and systems at the university of Beijing institute of technology, high-tech innovation centre was established in October 2015, is to obtain the first batch of the Beijing municipal commission of education that high-tech innovation centre.  

  Center around the basis of intelligent robots and systems and frontier theory and technology, break through the sports bionics, vitality electric fusion and interaction, multi-scale perception and operation, system control and integration of theory and technology, focus on intelligent robots and systems of big, cutting-edge scientific problems and key technologies of intelligent service robot industry. 

  Center in intelligent robots and systems such as high-end technology integration platform of scientific research, to develop original scientific studies, together to cultivate a group of intelligent robot of the world's top level in the field of leading talent and team, made a number of international importance influence of the original results, improve the international academic reputation; At the same time, the innovation system mechanism, the effective fusion of international and domestic resources, explore international and domestic cooperation all-round quality of science and technology resources and new mode of industrial development; Cultivate in the family, health management, medical auxiliary service, shuttle service, popular science education, etc, application of intelligent service robot products, led intelligent robots and systems science and technology innovation, cultivating booster related industry development, service first is economic development; Will eventually became the capital center construction "high, refined, sharp" scientific and technological innovation, talent cultivation and the important base of industry development.