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Beijing Deputy Mayor Yin Hejun Visits BAICIRS

Date: 2018-05-29

On May 24, Yin Hejun, member of standing committee of Beijing municipal party committee and Deputy Mayor of Beijing, led a delegation to BAICIRS. BIT’s Chairman of the University Council Zhao Changlu, President Zhang Jun and Vice President Long Teng greeted and accompanied the guests.



Zhou Yong, Deputy Director of BAICIRS, introduced the guests about the overall running scenario of BAICIRS, and highlighted the center’s achievements in micro-nano biorobotics, artificial neural interface, and biorobotics, the breakthroughs in key technologies related to active endoscopic capsule robots, puncture auxiliary medical robots, and soft exoskeleton, as well as the demonstrative applications of intelligent robots for assistance in households and special industrial environments.



Deputy Mayor Yin Hejun and the delegation, consisting of representatives from different Beijing municipal government departments, discussed with BIT leadership on BIT’s contribution to building Beijing as a national center for scientific and technological innovation.