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Prof. Fukuda Gives a Lecture to High School Audience

Date: 2018-05-30

In the afternoon of May 4, one session of subject lecture series named “BIT Lectures - High School Students Listening to Academicians ” took place at BIT. In the session, the lecturer Prof. Toshio Fukuda, who is a CAS foreign member and serves as the Director of the academic committee of BAICIRS, had an audience of over 200 students from Beijing No. 161 High School. The lecture was on the topic of “The Present and Future of Robots”.



Prof. Fukuda introduced his research achievements and the current development and research directions of robotics in relation to biology and medical science. His humorous and vivid language won him waves of warm applause. In the Q-A session, the surprising code-switching between English and Japanese filled the hall with exciting atmosphere. In the end of the lecture, the students gave a gift to Prof. Fukuda.



After the lecture, the students took a tour in the exhibition hall of BAICIRS.