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Humanoids 2018 SPC Meeting and Technical Workshop Held in BAICIRS

Date: 2018-09-18

On Sept. 14-16, the IEEE-RAS Humanoids 2018 Senior Program Committee (SPC) Meeting and Technical Workshop was held in Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems (BAICIRS). As an important preliminary seminar for the Humanoids 2018 Conference in November this year, the meeting was attended by Humanoids 2018 SPC members from all around the world.



In the morning of Sept. 14, BAICIRS’s Executive Director Prof. Qiang Huang hosted the opening ceremony and gave his opening speech. Prof. Pengwan Cheng, Dean of the School of Mechatronical Engineering, BIT gave a speech to welcome the SPC members and express his wish for a successful conference in November.







The technical workshop, chaired by Prof. Qing Shi, followed the opening ceremony. During the workshop, Humanoids 2018 General Co-chair Prof. Tamim Asfour from KIT, Germany introduced their recent progress towards building integrated 24/7 humanoid robots able to perform complex grasping and manipulation tasks in daily kitchen environments and industrial maintenance tasks. Prof. Gordon Cheng from TUM, Germany explain some of the lessons learnt and present some of our recent works in area contact-based interactions with artificial skin on robots, with many experimental video examples shown during his talk. Prof. Eiichi Yoshida from AIST, Japan presented an integrated approach to motion synthesis for humanoid robotics and human simulation that is useful for product design and evaluation. Prof. Shuuji Kajita from AIST, Japan introduced the biped walking control based on the spatially quantized dynamics (SQD), which realized a successful biped walk of HRP-2Kai with fully stretches knees and long stride. Prof. Abderrahmane Kheddar from CNRS, France explained the multi-(modal, robot, objective) control of humanoid robots using Quadratic Programs (QP).


In the afternoon of Sept. 14 and on the following days, the SPC meeting took place as planned, and detailed program and organization for the Humanoids 2018 Conference were discussed on the meeting. This technical workshop and SPC meeting not only enhanced the academic exchange and provided a good chance for BIT students to learn from the frontier research ideas, but also laid a solid foundation for a successful Humanoids 2018 Conference, further improving the international influence of BIT.