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BAICIRS 2018 Annual Review & Academic Workshop

Date: 2019-02-27

Jan. 25, 2019, the BAICIRS 2018 Annual Review & Academic Workshop was held in Science Park, BIT. Distinguished attendees included Prof. Teng Long, director of BAICIRS management committee and vice president of BIT, Prof. Toshio Fukuda, director of BAICIRS academic committee and CAS foreign member, Prof. Tianmiao Wang from Beihang University (formerly known as BUAA), Prof. Yushun Fan from Tsinghua University, Prof. Jianyong Li from BJTU, Prof. Licheng Wu from MUC, Prof. Shuuji Kajita from AIST, Japan, Prof. Shintaro Funahashi from BIT, and leaders of BAICIRS management committee member units, as well as group PIs and representatives of BAICIRS. Prof. Qiang Huang, executive director of BAICIRS, chaired the meeting.



On behalf of BAICIRS, Prof. Qiang Huang extended cordial welcome and new year blessings to all the leaders and experts. He made a summary of BAICIRS development from the perspectives of research strengths and contributions, research team building, disciplinary development and talent training, open exchanges and operation management, and put forward the work plan for the new year.


BIT vice president Prof. Teng Long expressed a positive attitude towards the achievements of BAICIRS in 2018, and he encouraged the BAICIRS faculty to have firm confidence, united efforts, great perseverance and high ambition on the road for more achievements with support and guidance from the BIT leadership, contributing to the “double first-class” development of BIT.



Prof. Toshio Fukuda, Prof. Tatsuo Arai, Prof. Jinglong Wu, Prof. Hao Fang, Prof. Paolo Dario, Prof. Masakatsu Jujie, Prof. Hiroshi Yokoi, Prof. Marco Ceccarelli, Assoc. Prof. Zhangguo Yu, and Assoc. Prof. Hyunwoo Kim made a report on the annual work and achievements of their respective research groups. Leaders and review experts gave insightful comments and constructive suggestions in terms of research approach, platform building, industrial organization, etc.



In general, with the guidance and supports from Beijing Municipal Education Committee and BIT, efforts of BAICIRS in 2018 have turned into great achievements in team building, scientific projects, research results, etc., and the planned goals of the year have been accomplished successfully.