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Expert Review Passed: MOE International Joint Lab Meets the Standards

Date: 2019-04-23


On April 12, 2019, the expert review meeting for the International Joint Research Laboratory of Biomimetic Robots and Systems, MOE was held in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). The review expert panel included CAS academician Prof. Luo Jianbin from Tsinghua University, Prof. Wang Shuxin from Tianjin University, Prof. Zhu Xiangyang from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Prof. Wang Yaonan from Hunan University, and Prof. Chen Jihong from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Attendees also included Zeng Yan, head of Research and Development Division, MOE Science and Technology Development Center; Prof. Chen Jie, CAE academician, and co-director (China) of the joint laboratory; Hu Jun, deputy director of BIT Research Institute for Science and Technology; Xing Qingqing, deputy director of BIT Office of International Affairs; Prof. Chen Pengwan, dean of BIT School of Mechatronical Engineering; Prof. Xia Yuanqing, dean of BIT School of Automation; Prof. Huang Qiang, executive director of the joint laboratory; and Assoc. Prof. Ishii Hiroyuki from Waseda University, Japan.



In his welcome speech, Academician Chen Jie extended his gratitude to the review experts and leaders from MOE, and also expressed his wish for developing the laboratory onto a new stage with guidance and supports from the experts. Zeng Yan explained the planning background and review requirements for the laboratory, and emphasized that the review shall adhere to the proper evaluation direction, so as to promote high-level substantial international cooperation.




Prof. Huang Qiang, executive director of the laboratory, made a detailed report on the general scenario, development achievements, operation management, and future development plan of the laboratory. On behalf of Prof. Atsuo Takanishi (laboratory co-director (Japan)), Assoc. Prof. Ishii Hiroyuki introduced the laboratory development on Japan side, as well as the progress in cooperation between BIT and Waseda University.



The experts reviewed the presented documents, and based on inquiries and on-site inspection, the experts agreed that the joint laboratory has a lot of innovative achievements, has developed internationally top-ranking research capabilities, especially in humanoid robotics, micro-nano robotics, and human-robot interaction, has become an important base for international cooperation in the field of biomimetic robotics, and has realized the expected development goals; therefore, the experts were unanimous that the joint laboratory passed the review.