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Fighting COVID-19 with Technology: BIT's Robots Pitch In

Date: 2020-04-15

BAICIRS Robots were featured on a popular educational show on BTV


Xiaohui at BTV studio


  Technology is becoming a pivotal force in efforts against the highly infectious COVID-19 by reducing direct contact and interrupting transmission chains. In a recent episode of an educational show on BTV, two models of the Xiaohui family — a series of intelligent robots developed by BAICIRS and HARIBIT — showcased a range of functions including temperature screening, delivery and sanitizing.


“Xiaohui” answering questions about anti-epidemic prevention and control


   PI of Rehabilitation Training Robot team Professor Zhang Weimin was invited to talk on the role of robots in the fight against coronavirus.


Prof. Zhang Weimin explaining how robots help curb the coronavirus spread


  Xiaohui robots are designed to reduce contact between medical professionals and patients in areas such as wards and outpatient clinics. Their infrared-based fever screening module is able to test the body temperatures of multiple persons concurrently and alert the staff when fever is detected, significantly improving the efficiency of temperature screening. Mounted with a shelf, the robot can also act as a deliveryman for patients, reducing chances of direct contact between medical staff and patients. The robot can also be scheduled to disinfect patient rooms and corridors at any time to reduce the risk of infection in possibly contaminated areas and save human labor at the same time.



Xiaohui measuring temperature for a guest


    Guests at the show were impressed at the amazing tasks Xiaohui demonstrated on stage.


Xiaohui delivering objects for guests