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2017 Representative SCI-collected Papers

Date: 2018-04-24

1. Huaping Wang, Juan Cui, Zhiqiang Zheng, Qing Shi, Tao Sun, Xiaoming Liu, Qiang Huang, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). Assembly of RGD-Modified Hydrogel Micromodules into Permeable Three-Dimensional Hollow Microtissues Mimicking in Vivo Tissue Structures. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(48):41669-41679, SCI IF: 7.504.


2. Hao Fang, Yue Wei, Jie Chen, & Bin Xin. (2017). Flocking of Second-Order Multiagent Systems With Connectivity Preservation Based on Algebraic Connectivity Estimation. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 47(4): 1067-1077, SCI IF: 7.384.


3. Dreizin D., Bodanapally U., Boscak A., Tirada N., Issa G., Nascone J., Bivona L., Mascarenhas D., O’Toole R., Nixon E., Chen R., & Siegel E. (2017). Development and validation of an MDCT-based prediction model for major arterial injury after blunt pelvic trauma incorporating segmented pelvic hematoma volume as a quantitative imaging biomarker. Radiology, in press, SCI IF: 7.296.


4. Yan Li, Hao Fang, & Jie Chen. (2017). Distributed Cooperative Fault Detection for Multi-agent Systems: A Mixed H_∞/H_2 Optimization Approach. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2017.2786235, SCI IF: 7.168.


5. Zhihong Jiang, Weigang Zhou, Hui Li, Yang Mo, Wencheng Ni, & Qiang Huang. (2017). A New Kind of Accurate Calibration Method for Robotic Kinematic Parameters Based on Extended Kalman and Particle Filter Algorithm. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 65(4): 3337-3345, SCI IF: 7.168.


6. Liu Xiongjun, Song Ping, & Yang Cheng. (2017). Prognostics and Health Management of Bearings Based on Logarithmic Linear Recursive Least-Squares and Recursive Maximum Likelihood Estimation. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 65(2):1549-1558, SCI IF: 7.168.


7. Xuechao Chen, Zhangguo Yu, Weimin Zhang, Yu Zheng, Qiang Huang, & Aiguo Ming. (2017). Bio-inspired Control of Walking with Toe-off, Heel-strike and Disturbance Rejection for a biped  robot. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 64(10): 7962-7971, SCI IF: 7.168.


8. Tao Sun, Qing Shi, Qiang Huang, Huaping Wang, Xiaolu Xiong, Chengzhi Hu, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). Magnetic alginate microfibers as scaffolding elements for the fabrication of microvascular-like structures. Acta Biomaterialia, 66:272-281, SCI IF: 6.319.


9. Chen R., Zheng YJ, Nixon E, & Herskovits E. (2017). Dynamic network model with continuous valued nodes for longitudinal brain morphometry. NeuroImage, 155:605-611, SCI IF: 5.835.


10. Qing Shi, Zhan Yang, Yana Guo, Huaping Wang, Lining Sun, Qiang Huang, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). Constructing universally rigid tensegrity frameworks with application in multi-agent formation control. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 22 (2): 845-854, SCI IF: 4.357.


11. Xiaoming Liu, Qing Shi, Huaping Wang, Tao Sun, Ning Yu, Qiang Huang, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). Automated Fluidic Assembly of Microvessel-Like Structures Using a Multi-Micromanipulator System. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, DOI: 10.1109/TMECH.2018.2796182, SCI IF: 4.357.


12. Qingkai Yang, Ming Cao, Hao Fang, & Jie Chen. (2017). Constructing universally rigid tensegrity frameworks with application in multi-agent formation control. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, to be published, SCI IF: 4.270.


13. Qingkai Yang,  Hao Fang, Jie Chen, Zhong-Ping Jiang, & Ming Cao. (2017). Distributed Global Output-Feedback Control for a Class of Euler-Lagrange Systems. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 62(9):4855-4861, SCI IF: 4.270.


14. Tianyi Yan, Wenhui Wang, Tiantian Liu, Yiming Deng, Jinglong Wu, Changming Wang, & Lun Zhao. (2017). Increased local connectivity of brain functional networks duringfacial processing in schizophrenia: evidence from EEG data. Oncotarget, 8(63): 107312-107322, SCI IF: 5.168.


15. Luyao Wang, Wenhui Wang, Tianyi Yan, Jiayong Song, Weiping Yang, Bin Wang, Ritsu Go, Qiang Huang, & Jinglong Wu. (2017). Running title: Age-related functional connectivity Beta-band Functional Connectivity Influences Audiovisual Integration in Older Age: an EEG Study. Front. Aging Neurosci, DOI: 10.3389/fnagi.2017.00239, SCI IF: 4.504.


16. Min Zhu, Huiyan Chen, & Guangming Xiong. (2017). A model predictive speed tracking control approach for autonomous ground vehicles. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 87 (B): 138-152, SCI IF: 4.116.


17. Chen, H.J., Shi, H.B., Jiang, L.F., Chen, L., & Chen, R. (2017). Disrupted topological organization of brain structural network associated with prior overt hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhotic patients. European Radiology, 28(1): 85-95, SCI IF: 3.967.


18. Jie Cao, Yang Cheng, Qun Hao, Fanghua Zhang, Kaiyu Zhang, Xiao Li, & Kun Li. (2017). Improving the performance of time-domain pulsed echo laser profile using tunable lens. Optics Express, 25(7):7970-83, SCI IF: 3.307.


19. Yang Cheng, Jie Cao, Qun Hao, Yuqing Xiao, Fanghua Zhang, Wenze Xia, Kaiyu Zhang, & Haoyong Yu. (2017). A Novel De-Noising Method for Improving the Performance of Full-Waveform LiDAR Using Differential Optical Path. Remote Sensing, 9(11):1109, SCI IF: 3.244.


20. Zhe Xu, & Junyao Gao. (2017). Robot Simulations Based on Bipedal Spring-Mass Model With Variable Slack Length and Stiffness. IEEE Access, 5: 1156-1163, SCI IF: 3.244.

21. Hao Chuangbo, Song Ping, & Yang Cheng. (2017). Testing a Firefly-Inspired Synchronization Algorithm in a Complex Wireless Sensor Network. Sensors, 17(3):544, SCI IF: 2.677.


22. Jingchao Zhao, Junyao Gao, Fanghzou Zhao, & Yi Liu. (2017). A Search-and-Rescue Robot System for Remotely Sensing the Underground Coal Mine Environment. Sensors, 17(10): 02426, SCI IF: 2.677.


23. Qingkai Yang, Ming Cao, Hector Garcia de Marina, Hao Fang, & Jie Chen (2017). Distributed formation tracking using local coordinate systems. Systems & Control Letters, DOI: 10.1016/j.sysconle.2017.11.004, SCI IF: 2.550.


24. Yang Cheng, Song Ping, & Liu Xiongjun. (2017). Failure prognostics of heavy vehicle hydro-pneumatic spring based on novel degradation feature and support vector regression. Neural Computing & Applications, 2017(1):1-18, SCI IF: 2.505.


25. Song Ping, & Hao Chuangbo. (2017). Acoustic source localization using 10-microphone array based on wireless sensor network. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 267: 376-384, SCI IF: 2.499.


26. Xiaoming Liu, Qing Shi, Yuqing Lin, Masaru Kojima, Yasushi Mae, Qiang Huang, Toshio Fukuda, & Tatsuo Arai. (2017). Vortex-Driven Rotation for Three-Dimensional Imaging under Microscopy. IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, 1(99): 1-6, SCI IF: 2.485.


27. Yan Huang, Qiang Huang, & Qining Wang. (2017). Chaos and Bifurcation Control of Torque-Stiffness-Controlled Dynamic Bipedal Walking. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 47(7):1229-1240, SCI IF: 2.350.


28. Ning Yu, Qing Shi, Masahiro Nakajima, Huaping Wang, Zhan Yang, Lining Sun, Qiang Huang, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). 3D assembly of carbon nanotubes for fabrication of field-effect transistors through nanomanipulation and electron-beaminduced deposition. Journal of micromechanics and micro engineering, 27(2):186-199.


29. Huaping Wang, Qing Shi, Yanan Guo, Yanan Li, Tao Sun, Qiang Huang, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). Contact assembly of cell-laden hollow microtubes through automated micromanipulator tip locating. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 27(12): 1-12.


30. Xingfu Li, Qing Shi, Huaping Wang, Tao Sun, Qiang Huang, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). Magnetically-guided assembly of microfluidic fibers for ordered construction of diverse netlike modules. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 20(13): 1-10.


31. Jie Cao, Yang Cheng, Peng Wang, Kaiyu Zhang, Yuqing Xiao, Kun Li, Yuxin Peng, & Qun Hao. (2017). Autofocusing imaging system based on laser ranging and a retina-like sample. Applied Optics, 56(22): 6222-6229.


32. Yang Cheng, Jie Cao, Qun Hao, Fanghua Zhang, Shaopu Wang, Wenze Xia, Lingtong Meng, Yangkun Zhang, & Haoyong Yu. (2017). Compound eye and retina-like combination sensor with large field of view based on space-variant curved micro lens array. Applied Optics, 12(56): 3502.


33. Qun Hao, Yuqing Xiao, Jie Cao, Yang Cheng, & Ce Sun. (2017). Improving the performances of autofocus based on adaptive retina-like sampling model. Optics Communications, 410(2018):269-276.


34. Yue Wei,Hao Fang, Jie Chen, & Bin Xin. (2017). Algebraic Connectivity Estimation based on Decentralized Inverse Power Iteration. Asian Journal of Control, 19(2):805-812.


35. Xueyuan Wang, Hao Fang, Lihua Dou, Jie Chen, & Bin Xin. (2017). Integrated 3-D Flight Trajectory Tracking Control with Aerodynamic Constraints On Attitude and Control Surfaces. Asian Journal of Control, 91(4): 2331-2345.


36. Ning Yu, Masahiro Nakajima, Qing Shi, Zhan Yang, Huaping Wang, Lining Sun, Qiang Huang, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). Characterization of the Resistance and Force of a Carbon Nanotube/Metal Side Contact by Nanomanipulation. Scanning, 5910734.


37. Zhiqiang Yu, Qing Shi, Huaping Wang, Ning Yu, Qiang Huang, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). How to achieve precise operation of a robotic manipulator on a macro to micro/nano scale. Assembly Automation, 37(2):186-199.


38. Zhiqiang Yu, Qing Shi, Huaping Wang, Ning Yu, Qiang Huang, & Toshio Fukuda. (2017). Brain morphometric analysis predicts decline of intelligence quotient in children with sickle cell disease: a preliminary study. Advances in Medical Sciences, 62(1): 151-157.


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