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Surgical Assistance Robot Developed by BIT Won National Competition

Source: Date: 2019-12-16

On 31 October 2019, the final round of “Medical Equipment Technological Innovation” competition co-organized by Chinese Society of Anaesthesia of Chinese Medial Association (CMA) and Tuoren Group was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. The award, accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Office for Science and Technology Awards, is a state-level recognition of technological innovations. The Ultrasound Guided Regional Block Robot for Human-machine Collaborative Puncture, co-developed by BIT and Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital, emerged as the final winner out of eight.




Over 100 projects across 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions took part in the competition, and only 8 of them entered the final after the preliminary selection and semi-final. The collaboratively developed project made it into the semifinal as the top candidate from Beijing and raced all the way into the final with the highest score. The judge panel comprised former chairs, vice chairs, standing members of the committee of the Chinese Society of Anaesthesia, and doctors from prestigious hospitals. The judges assessed the projects from practicality, safety and reliability in prospective application. Contestant teams showcased their projects with presentation and demonstration before the comment and scoring session. The Ultrasound Guided Regional Block Robot for Human-machine Collaborative Puncture was given an unmatched high score (92/95), for “effectively improving the accuracy and reliability of biopsy by assisting technicians with ultra-sound guidance”. 



The winning project was the result of two years of research and development led by Professor Fujie Masakatsu, former Chief Scientist of Hitachi. He has made significant contribution to biomedical engineering and medical assistance robots. After joining BAICIRS in 2016, Fujie Masakatsu has been leading his team to develop new techniques to bring puncture surgery to the next level by focusing on critical technologies in ultra-sound guided robotic assistance systems and in cooperation with Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital. Once approved by CFDA, the system will become the first of its kind to be applied in China’s hospitals.