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Welcome to the Contactless Era: BIT's Robots on BTV’s New Technology Show

Source: Date: 2020-04-16

  While technology has been changing the way we live, it also constantly evolves to meet the new demands arising from real-life scenarios. Against the spread of coronavirus, a great many anti-epidemic products — from infrared thermometers to contactless waste bins — are coming on the scene. A contactless era is making a quite entry into our lives. 


  Professor Zhang Weimin, research PI of BAICIRS, was invited to talk about how technology is rapidly adapting to be an essential part of the fight against coronavirus. He brought on stage Xiaohui — a series of intelligent robots developed by his team. 




  Xiaohui is an all-rounder. Its skills set includes rapid and accurate temperature screening, anomaly detection and alerting, delivery of large number of items, disinfection and teleconsulting. All of these powerful functions can be performed without any need for human-to-human contact.



  Xiaohui disinfecting the studio



  Xiaohui delivering objects and measuring body temperature.


  Developers of the robots conducted a thorough survey among major hospitals to find out their needs and application scenarios amid the coronavirus outbreak. Based on this study, the team designed Xiaohui specifically for epidemic prevention and control purposes in patient wards, outpatient clinics and other high-risk areas. Xiaohui is one of the representations of BIT’s commitment to the society and to the fight against COVID-19.