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BMSTC’s Director General Xu Qiang Visited BAICIRS

Source: Date: 2020-09-21

On August 5th, Xu Qiang, Director General of and Secretary of the Party at Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission (hereinafter refer to as BMSTC), led the inspection crew and visited Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems (hereinafter refer to as BAICIRS) at Beijing Institute of Technology (hereinafter refer to as BIT). In particular, they inspected the progress of the intelligent humanoid robot project. The meeting was presided over by Wang Bo, Vice President of BIT and attended by Zhao Changlu, Secretary of the Party Committee at BIT.


Scenery of the meeting


Huang Qiang, Executive Director of BAICIRS, made a report on the center’s achievements, including platform building, team cohesion, mechanism innovation and scientific development. In particular, he reported the progress of humanoid robot and key technologies.


Director Xu delivering a speech


Director Xu made high comments on BAICIRS’ achievements. He underscored that, with BIT’ s preferential policies of Special Technology Zone and Special Talent Zone as well as supports gained from practical measures, BAICIRS has marched on a promising road encouraging scientific and technological innovation in colleges and has been benefited from policy and condition supports. In an enabling environment for scientific and academic research, a number of academic masters from abroad have been gathered to build a scientific R&D team including brilliant engineers and technical personnel. Thereby, the key technology of humanoid robot has been advanced, which ensures a marvelous improvement in the development of the robot.


Furthermore, Director Xu expressed higher expectation on strengthening the establishment of the system for technological innovation in which the synergy is created through the joint efforts of enterprises, universities, and research institutes. He suggested that BAICIRS need to work closer with related technical enterprises in Zhongguancun. Driven by humanoid robot project, the development of technologies and industries of artificial intelligence, sensing technology and new materials will advance Beijing’s high and new technology in all fronts. He also expressed his hope that the commercialization of scientific and research findings can create more business start-ups registered in Beijing and make greater contribution to the endeavor that makes Beijing a national center for scientific and technical innovation.


Party Committee Secretary Zhao delivering a speech


Party Committee Secretary Zhao delivered his sincere thanks to BMSTC for the supports and assistance it provided for BIT’s education endeavor in such a long term. He mentioned that, BAICIRS, which is vital to BIT’s reform of setting up talents team and upgrading the innovation institution and mechanism of science and technology, has attached great importance on the mechanism building in its progress, explored directions with projects and united team with platform. An innovation-driven model has been formed, in which the innovative factors, such as mechanism, platform, team and project reinforce each other.  While continuing to provide supports for key projects, BMSTC sets specific target for and injects impetus into BAICIRS. BIT will stick to target-oriented and demand-driven strategies, so as to encourage BAICIRS to focus on the key direction, build core team, ensure a quick gathering of innovative factors, and produce major innovation fruits of science and technology. Greater contribution will be made by BAICIRS to the socio-economic growth of Beijing and the endeavor of strengthening capital’s function as “four centers”.


Director Xu and the inspection crew visiting BAICIRS’s showroom


Before the meeting, Director Xu and the inspection crew visited BAICIRS’s exhibition room of humanoid outcomes and intelligent robots. The inspection crew included Xu Xinchao, Deputy Director and a member of the Party at BMSTC, Gong Weimi, Office Director, Shi Huiyang, Director of High and New Technology Industrialization Department, Wang Hongmei, Deputy Director of Electronic Information and New Materials Technology Department and Gao Qian, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Productivity Promotion Center. Gan Minggang, Vice President of Scientific Research and Technology Academy at BIT, Zhou Yong and Du Ning who are Deputy Directors of BAICIRS attended the inspection activity.