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Research Directions

Research Directions

Date: 2018-04-24

Direction 1: Locomotion Bionics

- Locomotion mechanisms of animals and human

- Bionic mechanisms

- Bionic driving


Direction 2: Biomechatronic Fusion and Interaction

- Biomechatronic system modeling, interfacing and controlling

- Cellular manipulation and collaborative control

- Cellular 3D reconstruction


Direction 3: Bionic Perception and Human-machine Interaction

- Multiscale perception

- Bionic information system

- Bionic interaction


Direction 4: System Control and Integration

- Theories for modelling, optimization and control of complex systems

- Bionic control methods

- Robotic system integration


Direction 5: Bionic Functional Tissues and Units

- Bionic functional materials and soft robots

- Interface between human and mechatronic system

- Multi-body kinematic modelling