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Source: Date: 2018-04-25

Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems (BAICIRS, or “the Center” in short) was founded in August 2015. It was among the first batch of 13 advanced innovation centers accredited by Beijing Municipal Education Commission.


Focusing on national major demands and the global research fronts in intelligent robots and systems, and with the objective to yield solutions for a series of major and frontier scientific issues, BAICIRS endeavors to make breakthroughs in theories and technologies of locomotion bionics, multiscale perception and manipulation, biomechatronic fusion and interaction, and system control and integration, through comprehensive and interdisciplinary integration of molecular bionics, bionic mechanics, multiscale perception and manipulation technologies, and multiple artificial intelligence technologies.


With intelligent robots and systems as the technology integration platform for advanced scientific research, BAICIRS initiates original researches, attracts and cultivates leading professionals in the field of intelligent robots, and accumulates its innovative strengths and academic reputation in such field. Through efficient leveraging of the available resources, as well as exploring of new patterns for industrialization and for scientific and technological collaboration between universities at home and abroad, BAICIRS attaches great importance to R&D of intelligent robots applicable for household services, human support & rehabilitation, science popularization education, and aerospace service, and aims to lead the industrialization of intelligent robots and systems, to promote Beijing’s economic development, and to grow up as the capital’s important base for “high-grade, precision and advanced” technological innovation and talents cultivation. 


As a secondary institute subordinated to Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), BAICIRS is granted with great autonomy in human resource management, financial management, research implementation, and operation support, allowing a flexible and efficient administration mechanism commensurate with the technological innovation activities, under the framework defined by the national laws and regulations as well as the policies of BIT. 


BAICIRS implements the consultation and decision-making mechanism whereby the PI has the dominant power over major activities. On this basis, a hierarchical academic organizational structure is formed, which allows hierarchical recruitment and management of PIs as well as “evaluation by category and management by hierarchy”. Such a mechanism emphasizes innovation quality and substantial contribution, and is expected to encourage the scientific researchers to pursue for innovations and research achievements, and thereby bring their research potentials in into full play as much as practical.